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Recommended Homework Sites for Kids

Disocvery Education

The Discovery Education offers homework help with the topics of science, English, social studies, mathematics and more.

Homework Helper

This is a section of the Time For Kids website that offers help on writing assignments, flash cards, grammar wizard, writers toolbox and writing tips.

Fact Monster

Includes an assortment of facts, online tools and pages about various subjects from geography, history, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Also includes skills for writing, research and studying.

Sylvan Tutoring

Sylvan tutoring is a national network of personal instructors and homework tutors. This site is not intended for children but for parents to help find their child a tutor. There are a number of resources such as apple apps available.

School Success - Scholastic

This is a blog by Scholastic's which includes some helpful articles on school homework and breaks down articles based on grade and topic.

SAT Test Prep

Includes SAT subject tests which are designed to assess academic readiness for college. The exams provide a path to college which is a measure of skill that colleges are looking for and a requirement for the 21st century.