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Recommended Weird Stuff Sites for Kids

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Articles, blogs, videos, books and museum locations for the famous Ripley's Collection of totally weird and strange things.


This is the official website for the Cracked Magazine, it contains daily blogs, articles, cartoons and videos that can be really silly and/or really cool.


This site is a blog dedicated to the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world. Daily articles on everything weird.

Guinness World Records

What is the deadliest spider, who has spent the most time in space, what is the longest someone has held their breath and all the other crazy world records recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Life In The Universe

Do alien's exist? That is a question we all want to know and NASA and other researchers are working on it. This NASA site is dedicated to Astrobiology, the science of alien life.

Weird Things on Google Earth

Google Earth is a virtual map program you can download for free that uses satellite images of the world, this blog page contains 50 amazing and strange things you can find.

Amazing Articles - Dogo News

The entire Dogo website is dedicated to being a blog and article fodder site for young minds. In the Amazing articles section you will find some really weird and strange things.


This is no reason for this website that we can tell, but it's fun non-the less.

He-Man sings What's Going On

We don't know why this website was created, it is defiantly weird and funny. See He-Man dance and sing to the 4-Non Blonds tune.

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