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MobyMax, the online education program

MobyMax: Math, Games, Reading and More.

MobyMax is an educational platform designed to help students from kindergarten through eighth grade improve their academic skills across various subjects. It is widely recognized for its comprehensive curriculum, adaptive learning features, and robust assessment tools, making it a valuable resource for both teachers and students. This article delves into the history, cost, creators, target age group, and other key aspects of MobyMax.

MobyMax is a learning tool for K-8 students that helps improve skills in various subjects with personalized lessons and interactive activities.


MobyMax was founded in 2010 with the mission to provide effective, affordable, and accessible educational resources for students and educators. The platform was created to address the diverse learning needs of students and to provide teachers with the tools necessary to tailor instruction to individual student needs. Over the years, MobyMax has evolved and expanded its offerings to include a wide range of subjects and interactive learning tools.


One of the appealing aspects of MobyMax is its cost structure. MobyMax offers a free version that provides access to a limited set of features, which is beneficial for teachers and schools with tight budgets. For those seeking a more comprehensive suite of tools and features, MobyMax offers a premium version. The premium subscription costs around $99 per year for a single teacher license, which includes access to all subjects and features. There are also school and district licensing options available, which provide volume discounts and additional administrative features.


MobyMax was created by Glynn Willett and Wade Willett. The Willett brothers were driven by their passion for education and their desire to leverage technology to improve learning outcomes for students. Their vision was to create a platform that could adapt to the individual needs of each student, ensuring that all learners could achieve their full potential.

Target Age Group

MobyMax is designed primarily for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The platform covers a wide range of subjects, including math, language arts, science, social studies, and more. Its curriculum is aligned with state and national standards, making it a versatile tool for various educational settings. MobyMax's adaptive learning technology ensures that content is appropriately challenging for each student, making it suitable for learners of different ages and abilities within the K-8 range.

Features and Benefits

MobyMax offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to both students and educators. The platform includes a variety of subjects, each with its own set of interactive lessons, practice exercises, and assessments. One of the standout features of MobyMax is its adaptive learning technology. This technology continuously assesses a student's performance and adjusts the difficulty of the content to match their individual learning needs. This personalized approach helps ensure that students remain engaged and motivated while making consistent progress.

In addition to its core curriculum, MobyMax offers a range of supplementary tools and resources. These include fluency games, skill-building activities, and test preparation modules. The platform also provides detailed reporting and analytics, allowing teachers to track student progress, identify areas of need, and tailor instruction accordingly. MobyMax's formative assessment tools are particularly valuable for educators, as they provide real-time insights into student performance and help inform instructional decisions.

Another notable feature of MobyMax is its focus on inclusivity and accessibility. The platform is designed to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs, with features such as text-to-speech, translation, and visual aids. This ensures that all students, including those with learning disabilities or English language learners, can benefit from the platform's resources.

MobyMax also emphasizes the importance of student engagement and motivation. The platform includes a variety of motivational tools, such as badges, certificates, and rewards, to encourage students to stay on track and achieve their learning goals. The gamified elements of MobyMax make learning fun and interactive, helping to maintain student interest and enthusiasm.

Teacher Support and Resources

MobyMax is not only beneficial for students but also provides extensive support and resources for teachers. The platform includes a range of professional development tools, such as training videos, webinars, and instructional guides. These resources help educators get the most out of MobyMax and effectively integrate it into their teaching practices.

The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for teachers to set up and manage their classrooms. Teachers can quickly assign lessons, track student progress, and communicate with students and parents. MobyMax also offers a community forum where educators can share tips, ask questions, and connect with other users.

Impact and Effectiveness

Numerous studies and user testimonials highlight the positive impact of MobyMax on student learning outcomes. The platform's data-driven approach and adaptive learning technology have been shown to improve student performance across various subjects. Many schools and districts report significant gains in standardized test scores and overall academic achievement after implementing MobyMax.

MobyMax's effectiveness is further supported by its recognition and awards within the educational community. The platform has received several accolades, including the Tech & Learning Award of Excellence and the CODiE Award for Best Educational App. These awards underscore MobyMax's commitment to innovation and excellence in education.

Challenges and Limitations

While MobyMax offers many benefits, it is not without its challenges and limitations. Some educators have noted that the platform's user interface can be overwhelming for younger students or those who are less tech-savvy. Additionally, while the adaptive learning technology is a key strength of MobyMax, it may not always perfectly align with the pacing and structure of a traditional classroom curriculum.

Another limitation is that MobyMax, like any digital learning platform, requires reliable internet access and devices. This can be a barrier for schools and students in underserved or rural areas. However, MobyMax continues to work on improving accessibility and expanding its reach to ensure that all students can benefit from its resources.


MobyMax is a powerful educational platform that provides a comprehensive and adaptive learning experience for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Created by Glynn and Wade Willett, the platform offers a wide range of subjects and interactive tools designed to improve student performance and engagement. With both free and premium versions available, MobyMax is accessible to schools and educators with varying budgets.

The platform's adaptive learning technology, extensive curriculum, and robust assessment tools make it a valuable resource for teachers and students alike. While there are some challenges and limitations, the overall impact and effectiveness of MobyMax are well-documented, making it a trusted and widely-used tool in the field of education.

In summary, MobyMax stands out as a versatile and effective solution for personalized learning, helping students achieve their full potential and providing educators with the tools they need to support diverse learners. As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in education, platforms like MobyMax will remain essential in shaping the future of learning.