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What is Super Teacher Worksheets?

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is an online platform designed to provide educational resources for teachers, parents, and homeschooling families. With a wide array of printable worksheets, activities, and educational games, the site aims to support learning across various subjects and grade levels. Founded with the mission to enhance educational experiences through accessible resources, Super Teacher Worksheets has become a valuable tool in classrooms and homes alike.

Super Teacher Worksheets is an educational platform providing a wide array of printable resources and interactive activities for educators.

History of Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets was founded in 2007 by Tim Weibel and his wife, using their experience as educators to create a comprehensive resource platform. Recognizing the need for easily accessible and high-quality teaching materials, they began developing worksheets and activities covering subjects like math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Over the years, the site has expanded its offerings and gained popularity among teachers looking for engaging supplemental resources.

Costs and Subscription Options

Super Teacher Worksheets operates on a subscription-based model, offering both free and premium membership options. The free membership provides access to a limited selection of worksheets and activities, while the premium membership unlocks the full range of resources available on the site. Pricing for premium membership is structured on an annual basis, with discounts often available for educators purchasing multiple licenses or school-wide subscriptions.

Who Created Super Teacher Worksheets?

Tim Weibel, a former elementary school teacher, co-founded Super Teacher Worksheets with his wife to address the challenges teachers face in finding effective teaching materials. Their background in education and firsthand experience in the classroom shaped the development of the site, ensuring that the resources provided are practical, engaging, and aligned with educational standards.

Target Audience and Age Group

Super Teacher Worksheets caters primarily to educators, parents, and homeschooling families working with children from kindergarten through fifth grade. However, the site's resources can be adapted for older or younger learners depending on their individual needs and learning abilities. Each worksheet and activity is designed to reinforce fundamental concepts and skills in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for young learners.

Additional Features and Resources

In addition to printable worksheets, Super Teacher Worksheets offers interactive games, puzzles, flashcards, and educational activities that can be accessed online or downloaded for offline use. The site continually updates its content to align with curriculum standards and educational trends, ensuring that educators have access to relevant and effective teaching tools throughout the school year.

Educators can also find specialized resources such as holiday-themed worksheets, seasonal activities, and materials designed for specific topics or units of study. This versatility allows teachers to customize their lesson plans and provide differentiated instruction based on the unique needs of their students.


Super Teacher Worksheets has emerged as a valuable resource for educators seeking to enhance classroom instruction and support student learning. Founded on the principles of accessibility, quality, and educational effectiveness, the site continues to evolve, offering a wide range of printable worksheets, activities, and interactive resources designed to engage young learners and reinforce essential academic skills. Whether used in classrooms, homeschool environments, or for supplemental learning at home, Super Teacher Worksheets remains committed to supporting educational success and enriching the learning experiences of children across diverse educational settings.