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Swiggle is a child-friendly search engine designed to provide a safe and educational online experience for children, particularly those at Key Stage 2. Developed by the Online Safety experts at SWGfL, Swiggle offers a platform where young users can explore the internet with greater security. It utilizes Google Custom Search with an added layer of filtering through Google SafeSearch, prioritizing educational content and blocking inappropriate search terms. Swiggle also equips children with tools and resources to promote responsible online behavior and internet safety.

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In a world full of information, it's important for kids to know how to find the answers to their questions. That's why Swiggle is such a great tool. It's a search engine made just for kids. It helps them find what they need on the internet without running into anything that's not meant for them.

What is Swiggle?

Swiggle is a special place on the internet where kids can search for things they're curious about. Whether it's for homework, a project, or just for fun, Swiggle makes sure that the websites it shows are okay for kids. It's like a library that's open all the time, but instead of books, it's full of websites that are good for learning.

How Does Swiggle Keep Kids Safe?

When kids use Swiggle, they don't have to worry about finding something they shouldn't. That's because Swiggle has a filter that works like a net, catching all the bad stuff and only letting the good stuff through. It's like having a superhero that guards your computer screen, making sure everything is kid-friendly.

Learning with Swiggle

Swiggle isn't just about keeping kids safe. It's also about helping them learn. The search engine shows websites that are all about learning new things. So when kids use Swiggle, they're not just searching; they're learning too. It's a fun way to do homework and learn about the world.

Swiggle's Cool Features

Swiggle Search Engine screenshot - Safe and Educational Internet Discovery for Kids

Swiggle is more than just a search engine; it's a safe space for kids to explore, learn, and grow in the online world. It's perfect for young students who are just starting to use the internet to find information. With Swiggle, kids can search, learn, and have fun all while staying safe online.


In conclusion, Swiggle is a fantastic tool for young explorers eager to discover the vast world of information online. It's designed to be a safe space where kids can search, learn, and satisfy their curiosity without worry. With Swiggle, parents can rest easy knowing their children are browsing safely, and kids can enjoy a search experience that's just right for them. Remember, the internet is big, but with Swiggle, it's just the right size for small hands and big imaginations.