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Teach Starter: A Resource for Educators

What is Teach Starter?

Teach Starter is an online platform designed to support teachers by providing high-quality teaching resources, lesson plans, and educational tools. This website has become a valuable asset for educators around the world, streamlining the process of lesson planning and classroom management. The platform's user-friendly design and comprehensive resource library cater to a wide range of educational needs, making it an essential tool for teachers striving to enhance their students' learning experiences.

Teach Starter is an online platform providing high-quality teaching resources.


Teach Starter was founded in 2012 by two Australian teachers, Scott Tonges and Jill Snape. Both founders recognized the challenges teachers face in creating engaging and effective lesson plans while balancing numerous other responsibilities. They envisioned a platform that could alleviate some of these pressures by offering ready-made, high-quality resources. Initially, Teach Starter focused on providing resources for primary school teachers in Australia. However, the platform quickly gained popularity, and its reach expanded globally.

Over the years, Teach Starter has grown significantly, continually updating and expanding its resource library to meet the evolving needs of educators. The platform now offers resources for a variety of subjects, including English, mathematics, science, social studies, and more. Additionally, Teach Starter provides tools for classroom management, assessment, and professional development, making it a comprehensive solution for teachers.


Teach Starter operates on a subscription-based model, offering several pricing tiers to accommodate different needs and budgets. The platform provides a free plan, which includes access to a limited selection of resources. This plan is ideal for teachers who want to explore the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

For those seeking more comprehensive access, Teach Starter offers several premium plans. The Essential Plan costs around $5 per month and provides access to a wider range of resources and tools. The Plus Plan, which costs approximately $10 per month, offers even more resources, including premium content and additional features such as interactive activities and customizable templates. The highest tier, the Ultimate Plan, costs around $15 per month and includes unlimited access to all resources, priority support, and exclusive content.

Teach Starter also offers school and district licenses, which provide discounted rates for multiple users and additional administrative tools. This option is particularly beneficial for schools and districts looking to provide all their teachers with access to Teach Starter's resources.

Who Created It

Teach Starter was created by Scott Tonges and Jill Snape, two dedicated Australian teachers with a passion for education and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by their colleagues. Both founders brought their classroom experience and expertise to the platform, ensuring that the resources provided by Teach Starter are practical, engaging, and aligned with educational standards.

Scott Tonges, with a background in primary education, focused on developing resources that are not only educationally sound but also fun and engaging for students. Jill Snape, with her experience in special education, emphasized the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in the resources offered by Teach Starter. Together, they have created a platform that supports teachers in delivering high-quality education to all students.

Target Age Group

Teach Starter primarily targets primary school teachers and students, offering resources designed for children aged 4 to 12 years old. The platform's resources are aligned with various educational standards, making it suitable for teachers working in different regions and educational systems. Teach Starter's content covers a wide range of subjects, ensuring that teachers can find resources for every aspect of the primary school curriculum.

In addition to primary school resources, Teach Starter has also begun to expand its offerings to include materials for early childhood education and lower secondary education. This expansion ensures that teachers of younger children and early adolescents can also benefit from the platform's high-quality resources.

Features and Resources

Teach Starter's extensive resource library is one of its most notable features. The platform offers thousands of resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, interactive activities, posters, and classroom games. These resources are designed to be engaging and educational, helping teachers create dynamic and effective lessons.

One of the standout features of Teach Starter is its customizable templates. Teachers can tailor these templates to meet their specific needs, allowing for personalized and relevant lesson plans. This feature is particularly useful for teachers who need to adapt their lessons to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

Teach Starter also offers a range of tools for classroom management and assessment. These tools include behavior charts, assessment rubrics, and student tracking sheets, which help teachers maintain an organized and efficient classroom environment. Additionally, the platform provides professional development resources, including articles, webinars, and instructional videos, to support teachers in their ongoing professional growth.

The platform's search functionality is another key feature. Teach Starter's intuitive search engine allows teachers to quickly find resources based on grade level, subject, resource type, and educational standards. This ease of use saves teachers time and ensures they can find the most relevant resources for their needs.

Additional Information

Teach Starter is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The platform promotes the use of digital resources, reducing the need for printed materials and minimizing the environmental impact. Additionally, Teach Starter regularly updates its content to reflect current educational trends and best practices, ensuring that teachers have access to the most up-to-date and effective resources.

The platform also fosters a sense of community among educators. Teach Starter's blog and social media channels provide a space for teachers to share ideas, collaborate, and support one another. This sense of community is invaluable for teachers, who often work in isolation and can benefit from the insights and experiences of their peers.


Teach Starter is a valuable resource for educators, offering a comprehensive library of high-quality teaching materials and tools. Founded in 2012 by Australian teachers Scott Tonges and Jill Snape, the platform has grown to serve teachers around the world. With its subscription-based model, Teach Starter provides affordable access to a wide range of resources, catering primarily to primary school teachers and students aged 4 to 12 years old.

The platform's extensive resource library, customizable templates, and tools for classroom management and assessment make it an essential tool for teachers. Additionally, Teach Starter's commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and professional development ensures that it remains a relevant and valuable resource for educators.

In conclusion, Teach Starter has revolutionized the way teachers access and utilize educational resources. By providing high-quality, engaging, and practical materials, the platform supports teachers in delivering effective and enjoyable lessons. Whether you are a new teacher looking for guidance or an experienced educator seeking fresh ideas, Teach Starter is an invaluable resource that can enhance your teaching and improve your students' learning experiences.