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Kids Online Safety Guide

Kids Online Safety

While the internet opens doors to exploration and learning for kids, this guide helps parents to navigate online safety with their children through open communication and responsible digital habits.

Math Playground interactive learning for kids.

Math Playground

Engaging math games and activities on Math Playground for interactive learning.

Cool Australia,  interactive learning for kids.

Cool Australia

Cool Australia is a vibrant educational platform, offering creative and interactive resources to inspire young minds about sustainability and the environment.

Raz Kids Online Reading Resource for kids

Raz Kids

Raz-Kids is a fun online program with lots of stories to help kids learn to read at their own pace.

Activity Village: A colorful and engaging website filled with downloadable activities, crafts, and games for young children.

Activity Village

Activity Village is a website with tons of free, fun activities you can print out to keep young kids busy and learning

ABC Kids games and activities.

ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a vibrant online platform offering a wide array of educational games, videos, and activities tailored for young children's entertainment and learning.

Math is Fun educational resources

Math is Fun

"Math is Fun", an educational resource that offers clear explanations of mathematical concepts, interactive puzzles, games, worksheets, and a dictionary, all tailored for K-12 students, teachers, and parents.

Strategic ChessKid gameplay showcasing young talent mastering the classic game of chess.

Chess for Kids

ChessKid is a fun and safe place for kids to play chess online. It helps you learn and get better at chess with puzzles and videos.

Science Bob Experiments

Science Bob

Science Bob, also known as Bob Pflugfelder, is a passionate science teacher, author, and presenter renowned for making science accessible and exciting through his engaging experiments and educational content

Funbrain games for kids

Funbrain Games

Funbrain is a fun and safe website for kids for ages 5 to 14. This website turns reading and math into exciting games and activities.

MentalUP Brain Games for Kids

MentalUP Brain Games

MentalUP Brain Games is a fun place where kids can play games. It's like a playground for the mind, with lots of cool puzzles and activities that help kids learn and grow smarter every day.

Wonderopolis for kids


Wonderopolis is a free website that ignites curiosity with fun daily questions. Explore the world and learn something new every day.

Kidtopia for kids Google safe search


Kidtopia is a safe and educational search engine designed specifically for children. Created by librarians for teachers and parents.

KidRex for kids

KidRex Search

KidRex, featuring a vibrant T-Rex mascot, offers a safe browsing experience for kids by filtering out inappropriate content.

Kiddle for kids

Kiddle for Kids

Kiddle is a search engine created for kids, making sure they stay safe while browsing the internet. It's easy to use and keeps out harmful content, giving peace of mind to both children and their guardians.

Swiggle UK search for kids

Swiggle Search Kids

Swiggle is a safe search engine for kids, letting them explore the web with fun and educational results.